Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does everybody pay the same for Medicare Part B?

No, while there is a standard monthly premium for most individuals it is dependent on income so it can be higher depending on your income and we can help you answer that question of where you will fall.

2. Do I have to sign up for Medicare Part B when I’m first Medicare eligible?

While most people will want to sign up for Part B when they turn 65 to avoid the Late Enrollment Penalty, not everybody will have to pay that. If you work at a company that has 20 employees or more and you have what Medicare considers to be creditable health coverage through your employer (or through your spouse) then you don’t have to sign up for Medicare at first and can avoid the Late Enrollment Penalty.

3. If I go on Traditional Medicare do I need to stay within a network of doctors?

If you decide to go onto Traditional Medicare, you can go to any doctor as long as they accept Medicare.

4. Is Dental included with Medicare?

No, currently dental is not included with Medicare.

5. Is Vision included with Medicare?

Basic vision exams and eye glasses are not included with Medicare, however things such as Cataracts are covered by Medicare.

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