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Medicare Part D Plans are also known as Prescription Drug plans. These plans are usually included with Medicare Advantage plans but are not included with the Medicare Supplement plans, so you would need to purchase a Part D Plan separately. Contact our healthcare insurance agents based in Hurst, TX today to learn more about your options. We also serve everyone in the state of Texas.
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These plans are available through insurance companies and follow the Medicare guidelines. The one question we get asked a lot is, “Do I have to purchase a Part D plan if I don’t take any medications or if all my medications are inexpensive?” The answer is no; you don’t have to get one; however, if you don’t, you will have to pay a Late Enrollment Penalty if you change your mind later. This is why we advise our clients to go ahead and get one!

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We are here to help you navigate your insurance coverage. If you are interested in drug coverage, consider Medicare Part D plans. Learn more about the requirements by reaching out today. We are based in Hurst but we also serve anyone who needs assistance in the state of Texas.

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